About our new album «Juntos» :
For a long time we dreamed to make a studio album together ( since we made it last time with our cd «Nuestro» ).
And we think especially in this year we did the wright thing that we’ve made it now! With a big help of our audience and their donations we finally end this job!
As for record itself, we prepared it 6 months . First we’ve made arrangements for «Poema» and «Buscandote» and then we rearranged some of our old tangos. It was a wonderful time to do it together when we connected to each other by many of ideas and mixed them all. Then worked on studio for a month: we made takes and attentively listen what we’ve done. Sometimes we’ve argued among ourselves about how to do some parts perfectly. After that we start a so-called mixing process. Our double-bass player and sound engineer in one — Ilya made every small details, every played phrase by each musician and put it all together.
Finally we can say to all our fans : the new album «Juntos» released!
                         THANK YOU !